Welcome to School of the Good Shepherd. We are a Faith and Learning Community, where staff, students and families work together in educational partnership, nurturing all learners to be their best.

Our motto ‘Known by Your Name’ reflects the Gospel centered values of belonging and welcoming that resound at our school.
Who our students are as people and the contributions they make to society now and into the future are important considerations for us as educators. We aspire to provide our students with strong faith models, a highly supportive community and a challenging and engaging curriculum that develops them spiritually, morally and ethically as well as intellectually, emotionally and physically. We aim to develop lifelong learners who demonstrate:

Sound learning dispositions, inquiring minds, resilience, collaboration, risk takers, problems solvers and confidence to seek answers to their own questions.

Communication skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Collaborating effectively in a technology rich environment.
An understanding and respect for individual and cultural difference, exhibiting positive interpersonal relationships and an ability to work with others in order to develop an understanding of the world.

Critical thinking skills, considering other points of view, applying information to new situations, articulating solutions to real-life problems.

Socially responsible citizenship, participating in the school and community, exhibiting responsibility for personal well-being and compassion for the well-being of others, the ability to make decisions and take action based on the common good and who understand the importance of sustaining a healthy planet (stewardship) for future generations.

Our invitation is to journey with one another, and to be Christ like in all we do. We trust that your journey through our website is an informative one. We welcome new enrolments at any time of the year… come and join us!

Mrs Carmela D’Amato