Education in Faith

        Our school aspires to enact the story and the living presence of Jesus Christ in all we do

School of The Good Shepherd has a visible Catholic partnership with the parish of The Good Shepherd. In our participation in Liturgical practices and our Sacramental program including our annual celebrations of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, we share a vision and ‘living out’ of our Catholic faith.
Christian values, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, are the foundation of the Religious Education curriculum at the school. The teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church are explored from Years Prep to Six and taught through a Faith and Life model.  This model ensures that our faith and our life choices are interconnected, encouraging an enacting of all we learn and are as a Catholic community.

The ‘To Know Worship and Love’ program from Catholic Education Melbourne forms the basis of the curriculum.
Part of being a Catholic school is ensuring that genuine involvement and understanding of local and global justice issues is part of the Religious Education we provide for our students. Each term, a Faith Life unit of learning is developed that authentically blends the RE Curriculum with Victorian Curriculum.  Staff work with the Religious Education and Learning and Teaching Leader to develop wholistic sequences of learning that embed Faith and Life learning.  Throughout the year the students are involved in supporting various foundations to promote and support learning about community and social justice including; Caritas Australia, St Vincent De Paul, and many others.