Learning & Teaching

At School of the Good Shepherd we believe that learning must be purposeful, relevant and should encompass the totality of student experience. By this we mean that we recognise that each child brings a diverse range of experiences, contexts and narratives with them to school.

We are committed to contemporary learning that is personalised and characterised by a strong focus on developing the confidence and competence of each learner in our care. Inquiry skills and strategies are adopted across the curriculum and by all learners.

Personalising learning involves an approach to education that places the needs, interests and learning style of each student at the centre. It is about responding to the diverse needs of individuals rather than imposing a common solution on all students. It has the potential to develop skills for lifelong learning such as thinking skills, research skills, problem solving and decision making. It also fosters independence, communication and collaboration as students explore and investigate independently, in groups or as a whole class. It caters to different learning styles and therefore helps to engage all learners.

Our curriculum highlights Religious Education as required by the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese and all learning areas as set out in AusVELS by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority which includes:

• Religious Education 
• English (AC)
• Mathematics (AC)
• Science (AC)
•Humanities – History (AC), Economics and Geography
• Civics and Citizenship
• Communication 
• Design, Creativity and Technology 
• Thinking Processes
• Physical Education / Health
• The Arts (Visual Arts & Performing Arts) 
• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• Language Other Than English (LOTE) - Italian 
• Personal Learning & Interpersonal Development 
• Interdisciplinary Learning