Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Program at School of the Good Shepherd aims to build strong musical skills for lifelong enjoyment in music making. Next to this musical focus, the performing arts program also teaches drama skills at each level, enabling students to gain core performance skills of focus and confidence.

In Grades Prep to Three students focus on singing, musical games and playing classroom percussion instruments. The program aims to develop a strong set of basic skills, including the building blocks of music literacy. Students learn to read and write pitch and rhythm notation, play instruments and sing as part of a group. In Grades Four to Six, students extend the skills they have gained in previous years. In Grade Four, students explore the structure and story of selected popular songs and have the opportunity to create their own work. Senior students learn recorder, allowing them to develop music reading and instrumental skills. 

Outside the classroom, the performing arts are an integral part of school life, with all students singing regularly at school masses. The School Production is held biannually and there is a choir club on Tuesday lunchtime, which all students are welcome to join.