Performing Arts

Performing Arts in education provides students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body and the emotions into a collaborative and communal expression of all that it means to be human

The Performing Arts Program at School of the Good Shepherd aims to build confidence and provide the tools and strategies for self expression. The foundation of the Performing Arts program is built upon collaboration, cooperation and communication, key ingredients that will serve our students well into their post primary school years.

The Performing Arts disciplines (music, dance and drama) are developed through practical application. Students explore dramatic and stagecraft elements, skills, techniques and processes through brainstorming, creating, rehearsing and performing. Students at School of the Good Shepherd are presented with a range of stimuli, including but not limited to YouTube clips, plays, scripts, costumes, props, instruments and music. Through creative exploration, involving imagination and experimentation, students work within social learning

Outside of the classroom, the Performing Arts are an integral part of school life, with all students partaking in the biannual school Production, Carols by Candlelight and opportunities within the local school community, such as performing at local nursing homes, school masses and assemblies. Lunch time clubs including ‘Drama Club,’ ‘Movie Mania’ and ‘Dance Club’ are open for all to enjoy environments to explore their experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings. Through this, students develop invaluable social skills and learn to work effectively both as a member of a team and individually. Exploring and responding is a large component of the creative process. Students learn by reflecting on their own and others' work, in turn encouraging students to think deeply, critically and innovatively.