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The School of the Good Shepherd is a Catholic Parish Primary School located in Gladstone Park, a north-western suburb of Melbourne. The school community has evolved over the years from a mainly English speaking background to that of a multicultural one. The current enrolment at the School of the Good Shepherd is 284 students and we expect this number to grow in the near future.

Group of studentsSchool of the Good Shepherd actively seeks to engage the school community in developing and deepening their relationships with the Catholic faith. The Parish Priest, Father Anh Nguyen, teachers, parents and students acknowledge the school’s role in developing the children’s relationship with their Catholic faith. This is reflected through all aspects of school life.

The school’s focus on improving literacy has enabled us to explore current research and adopt effective strategies that explicitly support all of our students. We have been able to identify Numeracy as our major focus for the next few years and subsequently have appointed a Numeracy Leader to support the staff in this area. Student Wellbeing continues to be a strong focal priority in the school and this permeates all aspects of school life. Revisiting our Positive Behavior Management Plan has enabled the staff and students to feel positive about the tone and climate both in the classroom and outside in the school yard.

School of the Good Shepherd is a community minded school. It welcomes parent participation and recognises the importance of working in partnership with parents. As a community we have embraced the cultural diversity of our families and have provided many opportunities for participation and celebration. 

The School of the Good Shepherd is a school with a powerful student centered learning vision. As we embark on a journey towards contemporary learning we continue to strive towards a creative environment that is flexible adaptable and underpinned by high expectations of achievement for each individual, so that they are prepared to face the 21st century with confidence.

88 South Circular Road, Gladstone Park, Victoria 3043 Tel: 03 9338 7686 Fax: 03 9335 2586 Send us an e-mail