Our Sustainable Story


SoGS is committed to developing a culture within our school community that recognises the shared responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and promote sustainability. We intend to create a balanced and equitable approach to the development of ecological programs within our curriculum that will enable our students to become informed, responsible, resourceful and respectful global citizens. SoGS is a registered Resource Smart School, committed to achieving 5 stars for our efforts.

2021 Goals:

  • To develop an environmentally conscious culture at School of the Good Shepherd and its surrounding community.

  • To minimise landfill waste to increase the percentage of material that is reused, recycled and composted.

  • To reduce the amount of energy through smarter practices and greater efficiency as well as working towards using carbon neutral energy sources.

  • To increase the biodiversity and habitat quality of the school grounds by planting indigenous species and increasing the habitat area for local wildlife.

  • To promote a safe and nurturing environment for school chickens and create a cycle through organic waste and appropriate use of chicken materials.


What’s happening at SoGS in Term 1 2021:

This term a ‘Garden Club’ roster was implemented to ensure every child has time to get their hands dirty and care for our natural landscape. Students are learning about the healthy foods (compost) that nourish our garden and the regular daily steps that need to take place to ensure our garden remains healthy and beautiful. Be sure to track the fortnightly newsletter for more information about sustainable practices and initiatives at SoGS.